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Brenda 4

I find it very exciting to engage in the learning process with such beautiful, noble, intelligent, and generous creatures. I particularly enjoy the challenge offered by horses that are “stuck” and find joy in helping them to become “unstuck.”

French classical dressage is my foremost interest, however, I find it’s spirit in both traditional and unexpected places. I have studied the best of the old masters, natural horsemanship practitioners, trick trainers, and anyone else who shares the same philosophy of kind, intelligent, soft and simple horsemanship.

I have a master’s degree in education, and I am a licensed and certified counselor. My background in education helps me understand how to break down tasks into achievable steps for my students. My experience as a counselor enables me to understand and help students who struggle with fear or confidence issues. I like to provide a supportive environment for my students to grow and challenge themselves.

I regularly teach lessons in the following areas: Dickerson, MD; Shippensburg, PA; Emmitsburg, MD.

E-mail me – Brenda@kissdressage.com
Call me or text me- (717)360-2688
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