I am based in Frederick, MD and am available to travel to your facility for lessons. My rates are $50 per one hour private lesson. A travel fee will apply if I am traveling more than 10 minutes for a single lesson. It is beneficial to organize several riders at one location to avoid travel fees.

Group lessons may be arranged for jumping, learning operant conditioning (“clicker training”), or in-hand work.
Groups of 2 – $35 per person
Groups of 3- $30 per person
Groups of 4- $25 per person


I am available to teach clinics anywhere in the world. My daily rate for clinics is $500 per day plus travel expenses.

Video Lessons

The student records a 20-30 minute session with their horse and puts the video on YouTube.  We arrange a time for a phone call and view the lesson together. I will make comments and suggestions. We can stop the video, rewind, etc. as necessary so the student can see what I am seeing and make the corrections. Video lessons are $50.