Full Course Auditors

Full Course Auditors are committed to auditing all four days of  a ten clinic series . Full course auditors have the following privileges:

  • When the time comes in the course for riders to show their teaching ability, full course auditors have priority to be a “guest rider” and ride under the direction of the riders and Bertrand
  • Access/ attendance at rider meetings where individual riders and Bertrand discuss the details of each rider’s programme
  • The option to purchase the exclusive DVD of riding and theory lectures after each clinic
  • A certificate from Philippe Karl indicating their participation as a full course auditor for the entire 10 clinic series.
  • A savings of $500 in fees for the 10 clinic series over spectating.

If you are interested in becoming a full course auditor please complete the Auditor Contract and submit it with your 10th clinic deposit of $350 to Brenda Lantz LLC, 25440 Old Hundred Road, Dickerson, MD 20842. The deposit will be applied as payment for the 10th and final clinic.


Single Pass Spectators are auditors who wish to audit single days or single clinics without committing to attend the entire 10 clinic series.

If you are interested in attending as a single pass spectator complete the Spectator Registration Form and submit it with payment to Brenda Lantz LLC,  25440 Old Hundred Road, Dickerson, MD 20842
The cost to purchase single day passes are as follows:
1 day- $125
2 days- $245
3 days- $345
4 days- $400

Rider Applications

Please visit Philippe Karl’s website and follow the instructions for applying to the course. All  materials must be sent directly to Philippe Karl. You may apply at any time to the course. Riders begin at different times as openings come available.

Documents for Riders, Guest Riders, Full Course Auditors and Spectators.

Please read Reminders for participants in the East Coast Teachers Course so you can remember the details you need to attend to each year and each clinic to be ready to learn!

Please complete a release for both Brenda Lantz and LUSA each year.

Here are the Clinic Courtesies, please read them.

Riders and Full Course Auditors may order a complete set of videos for each clinic they attend using the Video Order Form.