Anja Beran has 3  videos, “Elegant Dressage Volumes 1-3”.

Bartabas has a  multitude of videos. They are not training videos, they are videos of his  performances but they are worth watching for the excellent training in  them.  “Eclipse”, “Chimere”, “Entrapercu”,  “Tryptyk”, “Battuta”, “Mazeppa”, “Voyage aux Indes Galantes”, Le Chevalier de  Saint-George”, “Academie du Spectacle Equestre”,  “Loungta”, and “Cabaret Equestre”.

Bent Branderup,  Arthur Kottas, Goncalo Olivera “Training and Riding the Baroque Horse  volumes 1-3”

Cadre Noir “Le  Cadre Noir and Jose Van Dam”

Craig Stevens has  3 DVDs, “Dressage in History and Practice”, “Perfection of the Seat Volume 1”  and “Perfection of the Seat Volume 2”

Philippe Karl has  10 must-see videos, “Classical Dressage, Volumes 1-4”, “Classical vs.  Classique”, “Modern Equestrianism”,  “Teaching a Language”, “School of Legèreté volumes 1 and 2″, and “Philippe Karl and High Noon volumes 1&2″


Allen Pogue has a  wide array of trick training videos; “Treats as a Training Tool”, “Trick  Training Young Horses”, “Pedestal Training”, “Spanish Walk”, “The Rear”, “Enhanced  Foal Training I”, “Enhanced Foal Training II”, “Trick Training Fundamentals I”  , “Trick Training Fundamentals II”, “Liberty Training I”, Liberty Training II”,  “Shaping Behaviors I”, and “Shaping Behaviors II”

Carolyn Resnick “Liberty  Training”, “Water Hole Rituals”