Bertrand Ravoux

Bertrand talking

Mr. Karl’s wish to spread the ideals of Légèreté for the good of the horse cannot be a one man operation. To this end he has worked tirelessly to educate others through his books, DVDs, public demonstrations, and most importantly, his Ecole de Légèreté. He is conducting at least twelve schools in Europe and one in Canada. The fruits of his labor are coming to bear in that the ideals of Légèreté can continue to be taught through his students.

Bertrand Ravoux is one of four instructors to graduate from Philippe Karl’s Ecole de Légèreté at the highest level. The participants in the course are delighted at the kind and masterful way Mr. Ravoux conveys to his students the ideals of Légèreté.

In addition to attaining the highest level in the Ecole de Légèreté, Mr. Ravoux has competed in Three Day Eventing. He was initiated to the Baucher method by Patrice Franchet d’Espèrey, Ecuyer of the Cadre Noir in Saumur, who is also in charge of the Documentation Centre of the National School of Equitation.

Completely dedicated to the transmission of the ideals of Légèreté, Mr. Karl maintains strict control over each and every Ecole de Légèreté. He chooses which riders will take part in each course and reviews the final examinations for each course.