“After years of competition in various disciplines, I became discouraged and skeptical of the methods used in competitive dressage – perhaps you have also.

So – What to Do? You will find that the training in the School of Légèreté will refresh your enthusiasm for dressage!

Brenda is a fantastic instructor, extremely knowledgeable, confident, and outstanding in her instructing for Légèreté.  She is patient, kind, and always encouraging while bringing about a unity of lightness, harmony, and balance for horse and rider.  I am learning so much, and enjoy each lesson.  Brenda, thank you for all your work and dedication – it is greatly appreciated!” Patt W.- Carlisle, PA

“Brenda is a kind and patient teacher who demonstrates compassion for her riders and for their horses. Brenda is respectful, is never cross or harsh with her students, and uses praise and encouragement to help them improve.

Brenda possesses excellent listening skills and empathy and uses both to help her students. Her counselor’s experience helps create a connection to her students, allowing Brenda to immediately determine the root cause of problems and apply the best solution.

In addition, Brenda is perceptive when her students do not understand the instruction or are unable to perform a task as requested. Brenda immediately rephrases or tries a different tactic in order to help her student achieve the desired result. Not many instructors have the skills to do this.

Brenda takes a holistic approach to her instruction, and she focuses not only on the rider’s movements, but also on saddle fit, the physical and mental health of the horse, and the rider’s physicality. In order to have these insights, Brenda has instructed herself on proper saddle fitting and the physiology of horses and humans – all for the benefit of her students and their horses.

Brenda is not only a teacher, but she is also a continuing learner who works to develop her own riding skills. Brenda is currently an instructor-in-training with the prestigious Ecole de Légèreté and has dedicated significant time and energy to bringing this classical method of riding to the United States. Unlike many teachers, Brenda challenges her own understanding and is not afraid to evolve her thinking or approach.

Brenda is a bright, patient individual who is highly capable of adapting her analytical thinking, psychological insights and problem solving to many disciplines. Brenda would be a valuable asset to any person seeking a thorough, dedicated instructor.

It would be my pleasure to speak with you and provide additional information as needed.” Dorothy L. – Carlisle, PA (pictured with her horse, Daniel)


“Miss Brenda has been my riding teacher for five years.  She always gives me encouragement even though I know sometimes I do not do something right, or I am scared.  Miss Brenda found my pony Missy for me four years ago, and she is a wonderful pony.  I always want to go to the barn when Brenda is there.  I love her and am glad she teaches me to ride as well as I can.  My name is Jasmine  and I am ll years old. I hope Miss Brenda can be my teacher for a long time.  Thank you.”

Jasmine G.- Chambersburg, PA (pictured with her horse, Mack)

” I first met Brenda in 2001 when she gave a rider’s balance demonstration to our riding club. She had a method to have us experience the effect of the rider’s weight and balance on the horse. I was impressed by her professional demeanor and her concern for the horse’s wellbeing. I became her student some months after that, and she was instrumental in helping me find a suitable horse. I have had my horse for 11 years now, and Brenda has been my riding instructor.

Brenda has a passionate interest in teaching the horse correctly and classically. She has a detailed website that includes the many respected books she has read on this subject. She makes recommendations to riders who express an interest in reading what the historical masters have written. She teaches using the philosophy and methods of Philippe Karl (PK) of France. Brenda was responsible for contacting him personally and getting accepted to host one of only two PK three year riding instructor training courses in the USA. Only eight riding instructors can be accepted to a training course. Brenda and seven others from various locales in eastern USA and Canada were personally accepted to participate in the course. The course takes place in our local area three times per year, and the first year has been completed. At the end of the course, all riders must pass an exam and only then be certified as a PK method instructor.

Brenda starts riders with a through seat training to learn balance and movement with the horse, and teaches in-hand training and lunge training as well. She is very conscious of safety for both horse and rider. I respect this about her since she will not put either herself or a student in an unsafe situation. She is calm, conscientious, and dependable. She works with the student’s ability level to encourage progress through challenge to gain confidence, yet never pushes beyond what is safe or reasonable. If a point needs greater clarification, she will demonstrate on the horse for the rider to better understand. She keeps notes on each student’s progress.

I have trained with a few other instructions in earlier years and have been extremely pleased to have met Brenda and begun training with her. Her knowledge and professionalism are exemplary. She is very thoughtful to explain teaching points, adjusting to explain in a different way if the rider is not understanding. She never makes the student rider feel inadequate. She is quick to praise when things go well for the horse and rider. I can highly recommend Brenda as a riding instructor and trainer. Her training
methods are humane and effective. They encourage the trusting bond between horse and rider. She would be a definite asset to any teaching/training program.” Vicki S. – Shippensburg, PA
(pictured with her horse Lily)

“I have known Brenda for at least five years. We started with Brenda for my granddaughter Jasmine’s lessons. I knew as soon as Jazz started to ride with her she was special. The way she has around children and horses is amazing.  It seems like they just know what and when to do something in Brenda’s presence.  She is an excellent horsewoman and teacher. She is gentle but firm with her teaching and it seems to work for everyone I know. I also took lessons with Brenda after a very long absence from riding.  Again, a little apprehension was there but, with Brenda’s guidance, I truly enjoyed and learned something every time I had a lesson. I am very happy to know Brenda and experience her way of teaching and her whole outlook on life itself.  Thank you!”

Linda G.- Chambersburg, PA

007I have been taking lessons from Brenda for almost two years now. I started going when I had just acquired a new horse that hadn’t been ridden in years. My mare and myself had never done much more than trail riding prior to our lessons. Brenda has been a great teacher starting us off with ground work, in hand work and in the saddle. Brenda has a unique ability to relate to both horse and rider. She offers great insight on the why and the how when teaching the concepts which makes it very easy to understand, which has been especially good for me since I’m a novice at Dressage and lessons in general. I find the lessons to be both fun, insightful and always new. Brenda finds new ways to teach material that can be a challenge to myself or my horse, I love the way she takes the same concept but gives us a new approach to try to overcome our limitations. Seeing the improvements that we make, small or large is so rewarding, it really makes lessons so much fun. Brenda’s horsemanship is also a big part of who she is as teacher, she is gentle but firm, she is consistent and rewarding. She has a remarkable way of communicating in a manner that horses truly understand, which gives them confidence and a calmness. My horse literally doesn’t want to leave the ring when our lessons are over and neither do I.

Michele H.- Shippensburg, PA (pictured with her horse Jazz)